What we have found is one style of rain pants does NOT fit all situations. Therefore we have developed many different styles of rain pants allowing you to pick what amount of protection you wish to have to match your situation.

Our styles of rain pants range from what we call "Legs Only" to regular style to standard bib style.

One unique feature of our Model #713 and #719 is that the backside is removed for better ventilation. This ventilation is essential for those who are on the move like hikers where what you need is front leg protection with improved heat ventilation. Another feature is that they can be rolled up into a belt form and worn around your waist when not being used.

PLEASE NOTE what we offer is many different styles of rain pants, but more important is we offer those different style of rain pants in two different designs: the 700 Series called "Split Leg" and the 800 Series "Standard" rain pants style.

  1. 700 Series "Split Leg" rain pants
     For flexibility and comfort our "patented" 700 series pant design is our favorite choice. What's so special about them is that the crotch is NOT sewn up, that's right, not sewn up while retaining the look and protection of the "Standard" rain pants. By making the pants "crotch less" it allows each leg to move independently, maximizing freedom of movement and enhancing comfort while providing moisture protection.
     This idea was first developed because of two reasons:
     Reason 1- We feel that raingear is a necessary evil, but at least we can make it flexible and comfortable, and it looks good too.
     Reason 2 - Where and what rips first on rain pants, the crotch-right?  When you're stretching, bending, climbing etc., the crotch endures stress by your movements, and every once in a while the overstress in this area causes it to rip.
     So what we did with our rain pants was create the crotch stress free, designed so both legs are independent of each other. This gives the wearer full leg movement with the only restriction being what you are wearing underneath, for example: blue jeans which are restrictive or jogging pants which are not.
     To maintain a "Standard" rain pant appearance we first gave the crotch area a finished look with hemmed edges. Then we added two sliding flaps in the front where the two legs come together (where they would be normally sewn together for added protection) and overlapped the back side for complete protection. Because we make the length of our jackets on the longer side, when wearing these rain pants with the jacket, it simulates the shingles of a house (where one shingle over laps the other) keeping you dry.
     Our summary:
     We believe that our patented design of our 700 Series Split Leg rain pants works great for 90% plus of all possible situations, especially if your situation involves moving about, climbing, bending, kneeling, walking etc. Best design for flexibility and comfort.
     This 700 SERIES- SPLIT LEGS design of pants fits most situations with surprisingly good results. If you find that it does not work for your situation, please "CONTACT US" and return them and go to our 800 Series your standard style of rain pants where the crotch is sewn up. (#821 or #824 only)
  2. 800 Series "Standard" rain pants
     Your standard rain pants with the crotch sewn up is better used when you are sitting down than when you are standing or moving about. The 800 Series comes in two Models of pants, #821 and #824.

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