These are the folks who still need their caricature done. If you would like to be added to this list, add the tag Category:NeedsCaricature to your name page.

This is the step after Category:NeedsPortrait.

Rhoda Grossman is the person who does this work.

For fun see AwardedACaricature

Why are these images not good to draw caricatures from?

These seem to be large enough jpegs

  1. Asad Butt (image)
  2. Earle Martin (image)
  3. User:Katonal (image)
  4. User:Laiq_Jafri (image)

Are these too small?

  1. User:AzusaRobert (image)
  2. User:Ddemarest (image)
  3. User:Robsoles (image)
  4. User:Diego Buendia (image)
  5. User:DrewMyers (image)
  6. User:JMarkAfghans (image)
  7. User:MiCCAS (image)
  8. User:Mohammad Ghufran (image)
  9. User:TeriRobert (image)
  10. User:Urielpunk (image)