Internet Relay Chat (IRC) is a protocol allowing for realtime chatting over the internet. Primarily designed for group communications, users join "channels" which act like discussion forums where all users can see and respond to the conversation. One-on-one communication is also possible via private messages.

AboutUs IRC channel

(To learn more about AboutUs, go to the domain page.) has a channel on Drop by and say hi to us at:

  • #AboutUs

Go to the AboutUs LiveChat page if you would like to chat form inside your browser.

Or use the Direct link (must have IRC software installed): :irc://

If you're not familiar with IRC, leave us a message so we can get you started, or just use our AboutUs LiveChat, which is a web-based IRC.

IRC Software

  • For the Mac there are many, Colloquy, ...
  • On the PC,
    • check out the new
    • you need to pay to get a quality service.
      • mIRC
      • XChat
      • Irssi
  • Mozilla/Firefox users try the free add-on ChatZilla

Issues with using IRC communications

  • documentation lacking
  • decisions made without open input, only those in channel at time
  • [1], [2], [3]

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