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IRC and SILC Client for Mac OS X

Colloquy is an open-source IRC (Internet Relay Chat) and SILC (Secure Internet Live Conferencing) client for Mac OS X. Unlike other Mac-based IRC clients, which tend to be poorly accented Windows ports, Colloquy is built to adhere to the Mac OS X interface conventions, giving it the look and feel of a quality Mac application.

In addition to appearance, Colloquy offers built-in functions not always found on other Mac IRC clients. These include:

  • Use of Mac OS X's automatic type-as-you-go spell check
  • Applescript support for easy scripting
  • Extendability through plugins
  • Buddy lists to keep track of your IRC friends
  • Customized emoticon lists
  • The ability to chat on multiple servers at once
  • Transcripts features to keep track of conversations
  • And much more.

The website also offers a list of plugins and scripts to download for Colloquy as well as a support and development wiki to keep track of new information, discuss, collaborate or exchange source code and ideas to help make Colloquy better.


Excerpted from website:

"I have been trying to find a decent OS X IRC client for 2 years. You have just made the best IRC client for OS X." -- D. Jennings

"I haven't used IRC in years, and this makes me enjoy it again." -- A. Rose

"I've seen a few other apps that I consider to have great user interfaces, but Colloquy is the only Open Source one." -- C. Lee

"I love Colloquy, especially it's free-ness and sleek interface." -- T. Butterworth

"Great design. The only one to recognize mIRC colors correctly so far." -- M. Hitter

"Colloquy is something I wish I could have on my Windows box — it's minimalist but still polished." -- J. Fingas

Additional Information

Colloquy happens to be the preferred IRC client of many of the AboutUs Recent Changes Patrol.


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