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Skills Summary

At Business Jester, real experience and hard work allows us to view your business from many angles. This can provide a full diagnosis of the current situation and full list of solutions and measurable improvements.


Business Jester is a team of Managers and Directors who have direct experience of running commercial operations across many countries, markets and channels. Everyone here has been accountable for their own performance in businesses of all sizes. This direct experience is available to you to quickly and accurately identify where you can improve and change.

Together this team can offer a full and thorough set of skills. Our team here can join your business; join your board and mangers to work for you to offer all their knowledge and practicality.Business Jester in Depth

We wanted to offer a simple, clean, fresh, but most importantly, beneficial approach, using people who know what they are doing, definitely not an academic, paper heavy exercise!

How it works

Simply, we get close to your business. We can identify areas that need attention and calculate the best solution for you for the greatest return and benefit. This return is viewed across short, medium and long term benefit.

Implementation of these solutions can be planned and activated, offering you real measurement to watch improvements inside your own business.

True Jesters can see what’s happening and ‘tell all’ without fear or masking. True jesters offer insight. Insert non-formatted text here

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