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A blog or a web log is a website where you can post your entry in chronological order but displayed in a reverse chronological order. Blogs can be a commentary on a specific subject such as politics, food or local gossip or news about some topics. There are some blog websites that are more personal in nature and function as private online diaries. A standard blog has a combination of text, imagery and also links to one or more other blogs, websites, web pages or any other type of media which is related to its topic. An important feature of blog is that its readers can leave their comments on that particular blog which makes it quite interactive. Most of the blogs are first and foremost textual in nature but some others focus on art and are known as artlog, on video and are known as vlog, on photographs and are known as photoblog. Similarly there are sketchblog based on sketches, MP3 blog based on music, podacsting based on audio or adult blog which are sexual in nature. is on of the popular websites that allow you to post your blog on it. You need to be a member of the website to enable your blogs to be published on it. The membership is absolutely free of cost. It gives people a chance to make their lives, their creativity, and their views about everything under the sun known to general public. You can choose to remain anonymous or even post your photograph on the website for the world to know.

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The website is quite interactive in nature and helps you on various topics like how to upload a photo in your blog, delete a photo, posting bookmarklet, changing blog designing, inserting files, uploading files, creating a sidebar music play list etc. It is quite easy to begin blogging and you can start by writing about your daily life and observations. With a few tips, skills and most importantly, practice, you can go on to become a popular blogger whose blogs are read and liked by thousands and even millions of people allover the world.

Good Blogging

The first and foremost thing that a good blogger should remember is that he should make people feel that they are a part of his world. It is more important o write sense than focus on grammar, punctuations, spellings, rhythm, syntax, focus, structure and such other formal stuff. Blogging is more about emotions then being correct. But do not forget that you need to be clear about what you are writing and grammatical rules should at least be followed to such an extent that your writing is comprehensible to people.

Make sure that your blogs have something fresh and new to offer and is not the repetitive old story of a desperate housewife. Bold statements might be dangerous, but they will certainly not kill you while boring timid statements can. If you are just blogging to pass time then be prepared to have a small audience who is hardly interested in your life or anything about you. If you are serious about your blogging then try to amuse your readers. Readers generally crave for itsy bitsy details so give them that. Explain and elaborate. Some good topics are parties and depression.

To be a good writer and have a huge fan following in, you need to have a good sense of humor. Believe in the fact that everything is funny. As far as you are not hurting emotions or disrespecting sentiments, you can joke about everything. And the first thing that you need to follow is that you should not take even yourself too seriously.

Last but not the least, don’t get affected either by compliments or comments. In blog world you are sure to attract both. While some people will empathize with your large belly, others will just comment on your bad eating habits and lack of commitment to your diet plans. Listen and try to think positively about them but do not get too influenced by them

With thousands of blogging websites being launched everyday, everyone's seems to leaping in the blogging bandwagon. is one of the few sites that is visited by bloggers all over the world. It has a huge fan following and creating your blog sheer will ensure that you meet your target audience and similar minded people from its huge database of members. There are blogs written by famous politicians, celebrities, musicians, sports persons, novelists and other distinguished figures who sometimes want to remain anonymous and sometimes not.



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