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The Backlash @ started as a small magazine — a 24‑page 'Zine called The Backlash! — to "expose and oppose anti‑male bigotry." Feminists, of course, condemned our efforts as "anti‑woman." But they were and are wrong.

We are not and have never been opposed to equal rights for women. Time and technology have changed the conditions in which we live, and as a Conservative I embrace the reality of those changes. What has not changed is us.

We have not changed, but carry within us the same traits and characteristics, and biological and emotional imperatives that our ancestors did. For a Conservative, this means that equal rights translates into equivalent rights plus opportunities that allow for exceptional individuals. In other words, neither encourage nor discourage a woman to be a jet fighter pilot, but if she measures up to objective standards based on the actual and realistic requirements of the job, don't get in her way.

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