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Georgetown University


It is a private, coeducational university and founded in 1789 by father John Carroll. In 1801 the school that was created by the efforts of father John Carroll was transformed into a college under the supervision of father Leonard Neale. It suffered from lack of finances but with the restoration of Society of Jesus it received a government charter. Later on in 1851 a medical school was also established. The school greatly suffered during civil war and normal operations couldn’t begin before 1874. The school of nursing and business were established before the start of 21st century and in 2003 the university was one of the few institutions that had over $1 billion for capital projects, endowment and financial aids.

Students and Faculty

University student body comprises of 6719 undergraduate students. Permanent faculty comprises of 1202 teachers and 451 more teachers serve the institutions as visiting faculty. The admission forms are taken in January so that appropriate tests can be conducted for student induction on the basis of merit. The selection criterion is quite strict. One year expenses for education are $34,110 and if a student wishes to stay at university housing then $11,210 are charged for the room.

Campus Life

At campus several services are provided to the students such as jobs, professional training, child care, emergency care, student financial advisory, transportation, libraries, housing, health and psychiatric service, disability support, and insurance. Furthermore, the university provides outdoor education, sport events and fitness centers.

Student body Activities

Georgetown has a large student body and the students are involved in a number of arts and cultural activities including, concert bands, theater, dance, music, year book, television and radio station and student government known as Georgetown University Student Association. There are 172 different student organizations including honor societies, religious organizations, international and minority student organizations, and many other registered groups.


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The university offers Bachelor's, master's, and doctoral degree programs in diverse subjects including business history, health and biomedical science, law sciences, philosophy and religious studies, social sciences, arts and humanities, literature and international education. these disciplines are offered at 4 undergraduate, 3 professional schools which include Georgetown College, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, School of Nursing & Health Studies, School of Medicine, Law Center, School of Continuing Studies, Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service, and Robert Emmett McDonough School of Business,

University News and Media

News is derived from the university press releases and on the website you can view the headlines regarding university events, athletics and sport competitions, seminars and a forum. University press also produces a Georgetown Magazine and a Blue & Gray newspaper which provide news and information about the students, faculty and alumni who have received awards on their outstanding performance, research work and publications.

A twice weekly and bi-weekly news publications named as The Georgetown Hoya and The Georgetown Independent are also published containing news posted for the students by the students of the university. Not only this, student also run a TV station known as a GUTV and a radio station WGTB.

University Website

University’s official website is designed to provide all basic information abut the university at a glance. The news section from the press release has latest university related information. students who want to take up admission and want to know about the university life, communities, activities, organization of the university, scholarships and financial assistances, and the services available to them can easily navigate though the site for the information they want.





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