What is Zuho.com?

Zuho.com: World's 1st Domain Name Trading Marketplace

Zuho.com is an online marketplace for domain name owners to actively swap, buy or sell their domain names or web sites. Domain owners can actively search out domains that are of interest, offer their own domains in their portfolio as well as receive swap offers from other domain owners.



The Idea Behind Zuho.com

On July 12, 2005, a man named Kyle MacDonald held a single red paperclip in his hand. Only one year later, he had transformed that little red paperclip into a house. How? He traded that paperclip for a different item, and continued trading his items until, 14 trades later, he owned a house. Pure genius! Despite the physical barrier in deliveries, this idea was wildly successful.

Imagine a NON-physical, high value commodity – your domain names! A successful domain swap can be concluded in as little as one hour because there are no physical boundaries to consider. To trade-up an entire portfolio of domains – to 20%, 30% or even 100% of its value is definitely even more possible.

You may have a portfolio full of domain names that you just can’t figure out how to turn into money makers. However, you never know who else might find that domain name to be exactly what they are looking for. One man’s trash is truly another’s treasure.

Case Study in Action: George J. has the domain name abc.cn. Unfortunately, George is located in the UK. He’d love to have an .uk domain name instead. Through domain name trading, though, George can swap his abc.cn with Fred who holds xyz.uk for free.

Case II: A college student with carsforsale123.com which brings in no earnings may find that renewal time is near. A company by the name Cars 123, Inc. has monthlystucash.com which is earning $25, parked. The student will surely be interested to swap the $25/month domain with Cars 123, Inc and vice-versa!

How are we diferent?

Presently, there are no open, “free-for-all” marketplaces just for domain name swapping at the time of writing. All other domain name portals are either domain auction houses or “for sale listing” sites. Before Zuho.com, there were few places that domain names can be swapped and they are found at some popular forums. That’s it!

Simply put, we have come up with a unique online barter-trade system that can be put to good use for all domain name owners.

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