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Logo-afternic-com.gif is the website of Afternic, Incorporation which was earlier known as ProProject Incorporation. Since 1995 it has been providing services of developing wonderful software and websites. The company was formerly known as "NameBuySell"; within December 2002 they had acquired most of the recognized names in the market of domain names and began its operation under the name, Afternic.


A domain name is basically an online addressing contact which is used by people to find and identify computers on the Internet. Speaking technically, Computers use Internet Protocol addresses or IP Addresses, that are nothing but a sequence of digits used to identify them on the Internet. Normally, it is quite tedious and tough to remember the long digits codes or IP Addresses of different websites. Due to this, domain names came into existence and they were developed as they can be easily remembered as you can relate them to names, keywords and phrases to identify different entities on the Internet as an alternative of using long IP Address.

Afternic has the service of Domain Name Aftermarket that helps public to buy and sell quality domain names. The existing members of the website can search the vast database of different domain names and listings. They also have the facility of determining market values with the help of their domain name appraisal and evaluation services and negotiate deals, followed by completing transactions in a secured way with their service of DNEscrow.

A domain name is very necessary if you want to create your unique online entity to direct all your potential customers. It is always a better idea to promote your own website than of some other person as when you send your email address, then it will be your name that will be in the email address. Domain names on are so cheap and irresistible that there is no excuse through which you can get away without getting one. There are some tips that you need to remember before buying a domain name. It is a good idea to get a small domain name. Though it is tough to find a small domain name, but they are easy to remember, easy to write and hard to misspell. Make sure that your domain names relate to the type of business you are doing or image you want to portray. Avoid similar domain names that resemble your competitors or else you stand to loose a valuable customer due to typing errors or bad memory.

The Company

There are several reasons that make Afternic the top choice for people when they have to buy or sell their domain names. According to Domain Name Journal, Afternic is one of the top shots in the industry. It provides clients with much more choices, better quality and new sales opportunities than that provided with their competitors. You also get opportunity to reach a qualified and targeted end user audience. Afternic can very effectively target eligible small as well as medium sized business clients who are looking forward to buy memorable, specific domain names that will help them to establish their brand names and expand their online presence. The products have great quality and are yet affordably priced that can be accessible for every budget.

Afternic's DNescrow Services makes sure that for both the buyers and sellers of domain names, the transactions are absolutely secured. It acts as a barrier remover between interested buyers and sellers. Apart from that, Afternic has a powerful biding and negotiating auction tool that allows clear communication between potential buyers and sellers while maintaining their hidden identity. You also get a unique chance to earn money while your website is still being developed by using Afternic's free domain parking services.

Though Afternic offers you an unlimited options to choose your domain name from, but still if you have any particular name that is not on their list then you can submit the name. The company will track down the owner, contact the person in charge and present offers and negotiate with them on your behalf. You can very well choose to remain unidentified during this process. In this process, a support representative is assigned to you who will consider your offers, answer your queries and set up a correspondence between you and the owner of the domain name. Receiving any offer through gives you the security that the transaction is going to be perfectly legitimate. They make sure that you reject or accept offers without giving away any personal information.




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Afternic, Inc.
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