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More than 80 WorldWIT chapters around the world offer a unique blend of local networking, resources, global connectivity, and answers. We connect women with answers by linking them with 40,000 other women in business - entrepreneurs; corporate, government and nonprofit leaders; professionals; tech-sector experts; consultants; educators; journalists; freelancers; venture capitalists; attorneys, women in media and entertainment; and many more. Some of our members are men, and everyone is welcome!

Who We Are: WorldWIT (Women.Insights.Technology) is the leading global online and offline network for women in business and technology. Based in Boulder, Colorado, WorldWIT provides resources to support the advancement of women at the intersection of work and life. In our email discussion groups, daily, interactive dialogue lets women get support in their careers, with business issues, on financial matters, with technology, and with a wide range of general life needs from attorneys to chiropractors to childbirth techniques. We also host events, provide private discussion communities for corporations and associations, connect recruiters and human resources specialists with career seekers on WorldWIT's Hire Ground, and offer consulting and training services. A multi-media content source, WorldWIT produces WorldWIT Radio; a weekly html newsletter, Thinking Aloud; teleseminars; Web site columns; and blogs. In addition, WorldWIT CEO and founder Liz Ryan is a noted and popular speaker on a range of topics.

We believe in a global community, in using individual talents and knowledge to support and assist one another in careers, businesses, and personal progress.

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