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Intel Corporation is the largest semiconductor producing company in the world. Not only are they masters in developing microprocessors used in personal, business and super computers but they also create motherboard chipsets, graphic chips, communication devices, network card and many other quality computer devices. is the official website of Intel where it provides viable information about its products and the purchase option for different Intel products.

Resource Centre

This is the section where you decide what system is best for your business, small business, home solutions and learning the latest technology for software and hardware development. There are guides on how to use personal computers and how to decide the best one. Business people can find out which systems can help their business perform better and enhance their knowledge to find the best system by reading technology topics. Large businesses can also find out best systems on the basis of their requirements as well as by reviewing the usage of successful systems in the related industry. Hardware developers and software developers can also benefit equally from the resource centre here at


The products section of the website presents comprehensive information about a gleaming lineup of products designed for both entertainment and professional usage. You can choose from a variety of desktop complete solutions, find laptops, consumer electronics server workstations, embedded systems, networking and communication systems, and further under these categories select the type of processors, motherboards you would like to have for your system. If you need to find individual options then you can simply browse the processors, motherboards, software, and other products that are currently available in the lineup. Each product is with detailed specifications and requirements to maximize performance so that you can build a flawless system for your work or fun.

The new innovations by Intel are listed separately so that a consumer electronics savvy looking for the best and latest can easily land on what he demands. Seems to have a lot of options and difficult to choose what will work best for you in all these products? The tools and resources section has system selection guides, motherboard guides, demos, and technical books to help you decide just that. You can also subscribe for the newsletter and new product change notifications.

Technology and Research

Intel technologies through which quality and high performing processor development, innovative architectures, advanced world class silicon processing, platform developments, research methodologies, software and applications for the products, and the industry standards that Intel follows are all present in detail in this section. Furthermore you can join the developer’s forum as well as read Intel journal and magazine to find out more on Intel innovations and discoveries.

Support and Downloads

Intel’s product support is as innovative as its product lineup. You can either search for your product in the support section to directly find troubleshooting or support issues about it or you can browse all product categories to find the product you were looking for. Download section has updates, drivers, network utilities, graphic adapter updates and other software updates for all the hardware to make sure that user systems are up to date and bugs free.

Purchase Intel Products

Now you have searched looked at Intel systems and ready to make a decision! This is where you will shop online by selecting the type of system you want to purchase. You can select your country and find an Intel resellers and distributor information as well. Nevertheless, you can simply find what you are looking for by selecting several system options listed under the search section. You can select desktop PCs, laptops, servers, workstations, and their different types suited for your needs. Separate parts such as processor and mother boards, flash memories, embedded products, networking products, software, books and boxed products are also available for purchase.


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Additional Information

Useful Pages on Almost all pages have available RSS feeds.

This listing does not reference the typical product marketing and support pages, as they are relatively easy to find.

Looking for Intel board compatibility information for Microsoft Vista? Go to these pages. Vista Drivers Overview for Intel Motherboards, and the download tool . You can check the Developer Forums, blogs, or Wikis for community discussion.]

While you are at it, are you trying to keep up with Intel's latest board and processor offerings? The Desktop Motherboard overview page is here. The Desktop motherboard comparison chart is here, and a menu driven tool helps you select a board and processor.

Intel's web site has an extensive set of resources for software developers. Intel's premier event, Intel Developer Forum is the companies bi-annual technology showcase. The material from 2006 IDF is online here. Intel has an extensive site for software developers, at Intel Software Network. In 2006, Intel announced their Intel Software Partner Program. You can interact with Intel and Intel Developers using these community tools; Developer Forums, blogs, Wikis, and Podcasts. Intel's software products are for sale here.

There are some HOW TO guides located at this site. You can learn basic digital imaging tasks, about home security, wireless networking, and the like. If you want to test your broadband speed, you can surf to Intel's broadband speed test.

For enterprise business folks, Intel Information Technology has blogs from some of their senior management located at the IT Blogs home, and the IT site also has some case studies from their experiences. You can find an Intel Channel partner with specific industry or Geographic expertise by using the channel partner search tool.

Finally, there are a few useful pages for researchers. Start at the Intel Research Home and surf to the Intel Technology Journal.


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