Thanks to the free G PaypalStore widget, each Website can be a part of the G WikiNomicsTrend, that empowers each wikizen to participate in business, G OpenBusiness or even G ExtremeOpenBusiness.

[drpc: WikiWayOfLife]

See also, G WikiNomicsOnTrailfire, WikiNomicsOnFacebook, WikiNomicsOnMySpace, WikiNomicsOnBlogs, WikiNomicsOnSocialAnnotations, WikiNomicsOnWikis, WikiNomicsOnAboutus, UbiquitousWikiNomics.

Thank you Aboutus for supporting the WikiNomics Idea

With a big ThankYou, the author confirmates the first successful funds transfer by way of using the PaypalStore widget. More on: WikiNomicsOnTrailfire#Thank_you_Aboutus_for_supporting_WikiNomics fridemar 14:30, 15 June 2009 (PDT)


Hello Mark, could you please start your transfer from here by clicking on

[drpc: WikiWayOfLife]

I am going then to feedback the receipt of the transfer on

fridemar 20:15, 12 June 2009 (PDT)


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