The term WikiCoaching until now lacked a dedicated page, although it is often used in

So it appears to be an evolving concept, which uses the WikiWay and teaches the WikiWay.

What about clearing this concept the WikiWay?

Lets start this FAQ with an initial list of questions, inviting answers, new questions, modifications, refactorings, etc. ..


Who coaches?

Currently only staff members are listed under G WikiCoach

What qualifies a coach?

That depends on the personality, see G WikiCoach

Who are the clients?

Primarily all users of, who want to grow their (business-) projects.

What qualifies a client?


What about a CoachTheCoach programme?


What about PeerToPeerCoaching?

There are ongoing discussions, soon to turn into changes on the site, moving away from a one-to-one coachclient situation to a barnraising paradigm. Hopefully this will allow for a return to some sort of feature process where community can grow itself, without having to pay for the article-writing service. see BarnRaisingWikiPages

What skills are coached?


What tools are used for coaching?


Is coaching paid or unpaid community work?


Is coaching paid or unpaid staff member work?


What are the costs of coaching?


Can money be substituted by community work ?


What incentives are given to grow the coaching potential?


What are the goals of the coaching process?


What are the (interim) results?


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