is March 25th and where the birthday party is!

Wiki turns 18 on 25 March 2013

join the party and share your celebration articles, cake images and videos!

About WikiBirthday

is a space for celebrating the founding of wikis. On March 25th 1995, Ward Cunningham launched the very first wiki community as an experiment within the context of the Portland Pattern Repository (source) via This makes that day the original wiki birthday, but we also like to celebrate the founding anniversary's of all kinds of different wikis. Wiki birthdays are a moment to stop and remember the history of the technology and way of working that is wiki, and how it all got started.

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What would we like to have:

  • Birthday wish to the wiki community that started this all out, honor them. [1]
  • Site, maybe this one, maybe not
  • Ability to share stories and personal wiki birthday
  • look nice and be simple like this?
  • should really communicate the notion that wikis were made by their participants
  • ability to have multiple people build the site?
  • some way to put a brick in, like pioneer square

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