AboutUs Corporate Vision


To transform the way people work together.

Core Values

BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal)

To become a top ten website.

AboutUs Community Vision

This is a work in progress. See WhoWeAre/Talk


Vision 1

People visit AboutUs before they go to a website because our clear, consistent guide saves them time in understanding the business.

Vision 2

People find in AboutUs a community-built editable guide of all websites and an autocatalytically growing attractive WikiNomics ecology, CreatingAndSharingWealth as an opportunity for all to collaborate.

Vision 3

People easily discover the breadth of websites available in their area of interest and get to the right sites quickly.

Mission 1

To create a trustworthy guide that artfully summarizes every organization on the internet and rewards the reader in their first glance.

Mission 2

To engage people in the creation of a useful and trustworthy directory of all websites.

Tag Line 1


We work together in a way that brings out the best in us and fosters a shared spirit of collaboration. We encourage each contributor to learn and teach the many values that our community is built upon.

Purpose of this Document

This document describes the vision and mission we've chosen and the values that we want community members to consider while on the site. We've condensed our myriad Values around a small core that we are building into our software and want to project into our community. This focus will help newcomers identify the important bits of AboutUs culture quickly and keep them close at hand. We continue to celebrate and honor the individual contribution as the fundamental building block of our site and our vision, mission and values are all in support of these individual contributions. We've tried to use evocative language that is easily understood by folks who aren't yet familiar with AboutUs.org. Please feel warmly welcomed to help us improve this articulation of WhoWeAre.


Support Vision 2:

A vision should move the hearts of the community members. A "clear consistent guide" makes Aboutus a mere database, that could be easily topped by other players like Google, who has much more information already at hand, and also a superior technology and manpower to offer such a guide, if they want to do it.

As soon as Google offers such a guide, integrating it into GoogleEarth + GoogleLively, then Google is light years ahead of Aboutus and will attract visitors to websites, immediately "before they go to a website", even without the need for a vision. Google only needs to integrate a special filter into their search-engine, say: "site-description". Besides that, Google delivers also the additional information, if a website "may harm your computer". Such a Google guide with this additional information would be much more valuable.

On the other hand, a community that finds in Aboutus an ideal platform for starting collaboration with millions of website companies, organizations and individuals is imho much more inspiring and stimulating, at the same time building on the merits, Aboutus has already accumulated in its business-ethics (as expressed in its values and infrastructure).

  • Currently Google uses wiki technology only for their internal staff.

But Google could easily wikify and commerce-enable their millions of online notebooks and GoogleApps for CreatingAndSharingWealth to attract all those wikizens, who want to work and getting food on their table.

  • Aboutus is built on wiki culture as an open process.
  • Google is not (yet) an open wiki culture.
  • Aboutus has currently in his staff the inventor of wiki: WardCunningham and is full of open wiki culture.

Aboutus can now easily attract the work of friendly and constructive wiki community members by integrating them into their vision; missing this opportunity it might be possible that Google finds better ways to integrate their collaborative work into GoogleCheck supported community work, thus offering a real pay-out and consequently causing a brain-drain away from Aboutus.

A mere catalogue "vision" appears to me more a "mission" than a "vision" fridemar 15:23, 29 August 2008 (PDT)

fridemar 15:45, 2 July 2008 (PDT) PS.: The initial formulation of Vision 1 showed a dichotomy between "people who visit" and "our clear guide".

Vision 2 embraces all involved people, adhering to the value of IncludeEveryone. fridemar 04:39, 26 July 2008 (PDT)

Partial recovery of an earlier state of this page:

Who we are

Can we boil it down to three words?

Somebody asked the above question and other peers invested time and even money to give answers. An active community member invested even hundreds of hours for unpaid community work. Here is a chance to demonstrate, how such work could be honored by compensation via ExtremeOpenBusiness. These ideas may currently be shocking, as until now most wiki communities are flawed by the [Google:StayPoor+Meme]. Currently only the staff members have a payout for their work, not (yet) the active community members.

The Google management has recognized the potential of free floating community intelligence and collaboration and offers numerous incentives to employ millions of people (e.g. to make photographs, covering the earth, or letting them blog with a modest revenue-sharing of the advertisers market.) Good bye Aboutus, if you don't know to appreciate and attract the free floating intelligence on the globe.

So a built in revenue sharing or other incentives should be part of the identity of Aboutus, to avoid Meatball:GhostTowns in the future. The author hopes, that this provoking posting in the spirit of BeBold, helps to grow awareness. fridemar 14:55, 3 July 2008 (PDT)

PS.: "How Mass Collaboration changes everything" Wikinomics.com fridemar 08:22, 19 May 2009 (EDT)



"How Mass Collaboration changes everything" Wikinomics.com

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