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Frankfurt/Main, Germany, 28.05.06: At the first Preperatory Meeting for a European Regional At-Large Organisation (EURALO) which took place in Frankfurt at Sunday about 20 civil society representatives from Belgium, Luxembourg, Finland, Germany, Italy and Switzerland assembled, committed to start the pioneerwork of an EURALO. Main topics on the densed agenda were: how Civil society regionally and globally works on Internet Governance, how it can strengthen civil and consumer rights in ICANN policies, defining working principles, key issues, outlining a workplan and drafting bylaws for EURALO.

Next proposed steps: procedural deadlines and assembly points are the June ICANN Meeting in Marrakesh (first draft of key issues of EURALO bylaws for discussion), the Wizard-of-OS Conference (WOS) in September in Berlin (finalizing EURALO bylaws), the Internet Governance Forum (IGF) end of October in Athens (inauguration of EURALO in foundation and further outreach work) and the prospected ICANN meeting in spring 2007 in Europe (signing Memorandum of Understanding with ICANN and holding a first european workshop on how ICANN policies affect internet users’ interests).

As the management of the website offered by ICANN to the At-Large Advisory (ALAC) was really a hassle, ALAC opened its own new website. Check it out and take part in the discussion fora.

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