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Our company has been a supplier/wholesaler to many online sellers for many years. We have heard many stories of grief regarding profit margins when selling in online auctions. We have lost many customers/resellers because they were actually losing money after paying all their fees to ebay and paypal. After years of seeing dreams washed down the drain, we decided to build an alternative website where basic listing is free and the final value fees are affordable. So if a users item does not sell, they pay no fees.

Many sellers want the ease of transactions, such as ebay provides. We have been working on this site for months to get it where it is today, and will continue working on the site to bring this to pass. We have many projects in the works right now, and many more projects in line. Some of the projects include: Automated Listing software, enhanced stores, referral program, auto-relist feature and many small tweaks to make transactions flow with ease. We are always looking for feedback from our members on ways to make the site better and easier to use. We have programmers working every day on these projects and future projects, so you can look forward continual

A lot of sellers have tried selling on other auction websites, but have found that there is not enough traffic and items are not selling. This is mainly because these sites are trying to recruit sellers to their site, but are not pursuing buyers. Without both buyers and sellers, an online auction site will fail, as many have done. We have a very strong marketing campaign to draw buyers and sellers alike. We are not promising that our site will retain as much traffic as ebay, but we do guarantee that traffic from buyers and sellers will increase exponentially over the coming weeks and months.

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