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Asad Saeed worked for AboutUs until its Lahore, Pakistan office was closed in March 2010.
If you have a question please contact AboutUs.

Welcome to AboutUs

I am glad you are here! We are a wiki website that you can edit constructively. If you have a website, please feel free to use its page as a resource for your business or organization. Check out our new beta feature ListKeeping.

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Thanks for the resopnse

Thanks for your prompt response, Asad. I made the page that way at Aliza's suggestion. I interpret your response to mean that, when we have a domain (landing) page built that corresponds with that page, I should move it out on its own at that time. Thank you again for your help and your explanation. Dan Cook

Question about Pixetell change

Hi Asad! My name is Dan Cook. I am the content manager for Ontier/Pixetell, as well as a former contract writer for AboutUs. My question is this: I had built a new "future" page for PixtellUserStories, with Aliza's guidance. I see that you have combined it with another of our pages. Why did you do that? Is there an SEO advantage to having it be part of the existing page? We don't have a landing page yet on our website for User Stories, but we will soon. Should I break that page out as a separate one at that time? Thank you for your help. I look forward to your response. Dan Cook


I look forward to doing wiki work with you! Best, MarkDilley


Hey thanks alot..i was just gettn bored so did that..hehe..i am a list creator too. Ali Mirza


Hmm..i duno how to finish picture...i know editing..lyk i changed the background of the picture... You work from office or home? Ali Mirza


Yes i agree.I worked in office for 3-5 days.As my uni is on so i couldn't manage coming to office daily.Good to hear about your photo editing and yes you are right especially coreldraw slows your comp...I use photoshop its better.


I am in LSE doing BBA. In my last year now. Yes i am coming to the iftar party.Its great i duno how to do animation in Photoshop i learnt it for editing pictures and making banners for my website.


Well i started final year. Doing in Finance with minor is Economics.But you know in BBA we study everythn so it doesnt matter really wht mjrs n minrs are. Yes hope to see all.So for how long you workn here?


Thats i can be benefited frm ur experience..!!! ;)


Thank you so much for the support offer. I defiantly will bug you if i hav any prb!!!


Yes it was so crowded i came when roza was already iftar and then went early too was sittn on second long table


Ohh thts kool you were sittn with galz..i was stuck up with uncles ;( ...


Haha so i think the seat you left, i got it....poor me...ys food was great but the place was over crowded.

Re: Crowd

Ys..the number of times i had refill i need to find a new seat.


Are you in office rite now? When you get off on friday and is Sat holiday?


OK i was calling at office but no 1 is phone out of order.. Is obaid in office?


I got the whts your output how many lists you make per day?


Ohh okz i thought you must be doing 5-8 per day...heheh

List Output

Well mine fluctuate because of Uni and Roza...i do make 5 on a holiday and normally 2-3 per day when uni is open ;( hard work ..but i dunt compromise on quality and hope to make it higher with every list i do. and trust me i know ppl making 17 in a day....


heyy whts up!!!


Wow awesome..i finished one will do 2 today...mine is 2-3 per day...


Sowie to ask you dumb question but i am new here thats why needs some1 guidance.. Can you tell me how to collect paychecks and when..Is there any specific time to collect them and from where???

Thank u!

Loved the welcome joke :) Thank u for it !! My very first post in 4 months! LOL

-- Sehar


I agree with you completely... entertainment value bohat alaa hai is ki :P

Rolling eye smiley :D

Haan to lets devise a rolling eye smiley.. I plan to check out a church as soon as I am in Europe.. m browsing to see whether it shud be a Greek one, a Russian one or Anglican one :) yup i know there are churches in Pakistan.. never been to one though.. shud be an experience.

Church in Isloo?

Thats interesting they have a Church in islamabad! .. oho beaten back by the beard :( I wont tell u which country until i get my visa.. kuch pata nahi ye talk sun ker mujeh wo bhi na milay lol.. but they are fascinating historically speaking..

Hahahaha... trying to innovate on the talk-page ! lost cause man.. like many other lost causes

Not so funny at my end

Beard is an interesting thought.. yes I sort of had an idea that you'd like to research on spiritual matters and debate them with a poor little unassuming Christain evangelist who only wanted to turn you on to the 'right' path... poor him.. but I think he'll remember you :)

I'll definitely let you know before I leave.. if I get to find out in time for me to catch my breath. Right now I plan to leave on tuesday 29th but it would be a miracle if that happens :) no visa in sight as yet. Passport in islamabad hehehe... :) Sehar wants a good surprise now.. its about time it happened :P

Thank uu

Apparently that was not my last day in office :) Possibly today was.. lol.. I'm sorry I couldnt stay longer for the treat.. infact MERI treat hoti coz I'm leaving... but I had to get dropped home by Moeez n he was leaving ussi waqt..Inshallah we'll get to meet again...(not too soon becoz i want to get my visa n go right now !) hahaha... n I kinda miss the office too. especially when it was brimming with everyone.. lol.. so ur going to miss the hyper girl in the office!! very bad Asad :P btw.. i cant find u on fb.. where r u ?

Thanks for adding the icons to my page. I definitely appreciate your help and support. I surely didn't know how to do it or if it was even possible! Thanks again.


Nice work on RecentChanges - glad to have you on it!! Best, MarkDilley


For the change you made to my page but I thought it would be better to link to my AboutUs domain page instead of my site.

Anyway, thanks a lot!

Hope to learn who to create the perfect page soon! Dom.

Thank you

Thanks Asad. I will try to make it more attractive and interesting for my friends and contributors

Asad, can you please explain why our aboutus page is not yet indexed by google?


I noticed your great message to an active editor. I love that you're doing this - it's a nice gesture and a great way to build community here at AboutUs. Keep up the good work! Best, Kristina (contact me) 23:48, 23 January 2010 (PST)


I wanted to suggest that you hang out in our chat room when you can while doing RC. People jump in there to ask questions about editing sometimes, and the more often we can have somewhere there the better. Best, Kristina (contact me) 01:51, 30 January 2010 (PST)


Sorry I missed you. My chat application on alerts me when people enter the room or say a word like "help" or "hello". I hope you're doing well! Best, Kristina (contact me) 17:03, 6 October 2010 (PDT)