Hi. My name is Steven Katz and I am a graduate from the Business School at Boston College. After finishing my undergraduate degree, I furthered my education at my alma mater and received a Masters of Business Administration in Entrepreneurial Management. From the earlier stages of my college career, I always expressed an interest in the manufacturing industry's functionality and its innovation of new ways to enhance production and distribution. I figured what better way to fulfill this desire than to enter the bearing industry.

Currently, I am the CEO of Emerson Bearing Co., a bearing company that provides high-quality bearings to a range of industries worldwide. We are located at 201 Brighton Avenue, Boston, MA 02134. As a company, we offer strong, reliable and durable bearings that are often utilized within Maintenance and OEM industries. For more information about me or Emerson Bearing, email me at or call me at (800)225-4587.