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On January 7th of 2007 a locksmith company by the name of Sensation Solutions entered the market. A man by the name of Eyal began as a locksmith four years earlier when he met an experienced technician. This man trained Eyal over the course of a month at which point he set out on his own to service the nation. Eyal continued to work hard for the next three years, learning everything he could and perfecting his skills as a licensed locksmith.

After studying business Eyal decided he was tired of working for unreliable corporations. With his hard earned savings he formed Sensation Solutions at the age of thirty two. He set out with the intention of creating a company he could be proud of; a business that not only the consumers could appreciate, but the employees as well. Eyal’s friends and family helped to get the project underway.

Sensation Solutions began with two locksmiths to run their mobile service. The company initially served the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex with head dispatch located in Richardson, Texas. By March of 2007 the company’s service expanded to reach California, Washington D.C., and Maryland.

At the time of expansion Eyal decided to invest in an incredible marketing campaign. On March 12th 2007 Sensation Solutions began to run a two page ad in the Verizon Yellow Pages. This advertising carried incredible benefits for the company. Daily callers recognized the significance of the ad and referred to it as “unnoticeable”. To continue his campaign Eyal employed the use of the web in April of 2007. His website Sensation Solutions posed some potential advertising problems though. The site when googled could typically be mistaken for sensitive solutions, a personal resource for maturing women. Yet slowly the company has overcome this obstacle and begun to reach their commercial industries.

The company provides nationwide automotive, residential, and commercial service; encompassing residential/commercial locks, CCTV, high security, security systems, and alarms. The service is available twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, while being fully mobile with all work completed on site.

Sensation Solutions entrusts a Labor Guarantee for which all labor is guaranteed for ninety days after the service. All products are guaranteed under their manufacturers warranty and all service is Quality Assured.

Sensation Solutions Locksmiths currently service Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, Dallas, Fort Worth, San Antonio, Seattle, Washington D.C., Baltimore, Indianapolis, Philadelphia, Phoenix, and surrounding areas.

Sensation Solutions Locksmiths are supplied through Clark, IDN, Mul T Lock, Stall Lock Supply, Baldwin, Medeco, and Honeywell: ADEMCO.

Sensation Solutions is Licensed, Bonded, and Insured by the BBB, ALOA, and DPS.

Companies in good relation with Sensation Solutions include SWISA Beauty and Sensation Movers. Both have been involved in the growth and expansion of the company.

Contact Sensation Solutions at 1-888-897-6777 or Website: