Malka Maxwell

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Personal Life

Malka Maxwell was born in Cleveland, Ohio. She is the oldest of four children, raised Orthodox Jewish, affiliated with the Telshe Yeshiva Jewish Community located in Cleveland Heights, and attended the Hebrew Academy of Cleveland. Her teen years involved affiliations with Bnei Akiva and NCSY. After completing high school, she moved to New York and attended Touro College. A basic reason for moving to New York was Malka's desire to explore her interests in the world of art. Malka pursued a career as a model and appeared in many hair shows. Having been married for over twenty three years, Malka is a widow and the mother of two children.


Malka began her career as a Direct Care worker with children who had Developmental Disabilities. For over 15 years she worked with individuals of various ages and development, held titles as Residence Manager, Assistant Residence Manager, Job Coach, Marketing Manager and Vocational Instructor. She has earlier years of experience as a counselor for those with drug and alcohol issues. During those years of working with the MR/DD population, Malka found ways to utilize her artistic abilities to effect some changes that proved to be effective and productive. Malka was one of a select few chosen to provide career and job assistance for those who had lost their jobs in 2001 after the Twin Tower Destruction. Frustrated and feeling that she had plateaued, professionally, in early 2007 she researched and wrote her first book, "How To Get Ahead With Resumes(revised)". She re-launched an ebook version in 2013 available via her website, and has other projects in the works. The book is available in ebook and print and are available at: To Get Ahead With Resumes, Mobipocket,amazon, Book Baby and other locations. Malka continues to offer her services where she focuses on how she can help you identify the best methods for using technology,current trends in marketing and how to get unstuck in business

Becoming an Author

Malka has always wanted to be an artist. As a high school student she and her sister wrote skits and "schlok" rock, created the "blue print" for a print magazine for modest clothing and sales. She toyed with the idea of going to art school. The advice that her mother gave her was to have a number of job skills to fall back on so as not to "starve" in pursuit of her dream. In college Malka majored in Psychology and wrote many papers. Completing one year of college and not wanting to return she began working in a group home and in a nursing home as a Recreation Therapist. The two jobs provided her much satisfaction as she made crafts, and sang with her patients. Upon returning to college after years of working, Malka relished the opportunity and began to put her thoughts on paper. Her desire to write was ignited.


Malka's first endeavor into writing is a 65 page book discussing the proper ways to present effective resumes. The book explores the function of a resume, what to write,and the mentality of the hiring manager. The book provides tips on being a successful interviewee and lists some career research sources. She is currently working on other projects.


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