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Kate Ford is an authority in the area of mortgage lending, the home loan process and how to get your best mortgage rate. As a mortgage insider with more than 20 years experience, she has created {{{2}}} (visit) with a unique twist. Her site is dedicated to helping homeowners translate the secret language of mortgage lenders to find the best mortgage rates at the lowest cost.

Kate's unique background qualifies her to translate the secret code spoken within the mortgage lending industry, making it understandable for the everyday person seeking the best possible mortgage terms. Kate's father was a banker and former vice president at San Diego Trust and Savings. She credits her father for her interest in money since childhood. After one year of college Kate got married and raised four daughters but she never lost her passion to help people solve their money problems. At the age of 36, she entered the field of mortgage lending as a loan representative for a small mortgage brokerage and began her career in mortgage lending.

After a year she applied to be a loan officer at a major mortgage bank. Still having little experience in the mortgage business she was asked the obvious question, "Kate, what makes you think you can be successful?" Giving the question a little thought Kate answered, "I have been married almost 18 years and raised four daughters so I think this job should be easy."

Kate became one of the most successful and respected mortgage loan officers at the bank. She eventually opened her own mortgage company.

Now retired, Kate's passion to help guide homeowners and home buyers is stronger than ever. Her unique perspective allows her to communicate in a way that is not only easy to understand but also gives people the tools to find the best mortgage options available.

Kate reminds people over and over, "It's your mortgage and your home. No one cares more about it than you! You deserve the best."

Kate states her mission clearly. "My mission is to decode the secrets I learned while helping people just like you obtain mortgage financing."

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