Info About Me

Country: Australia(Queensland)
Hobby: Graphic/Web Design

My Custom "AboutUs Notify" software

I have built a small program(still a WIP) that checks the recent changes for edits that are not minor. The program refreshes on a 30 basis and displays the main edits. I hope with this program armed I can stay on track with the edits and bring down vandels.

I may put the program on here to download when its more complete. Until then here's a screenshot: AUN.jpg


List of deadsites/links: 'deadsites'
List of malware sites: 'malwarewarning'
List of Fake sites: 'fake' and 'trafficcatching'

Topics Working on:

Peer to Peer (Cleanup Done!)
Peer 2 Peer (Cleanup Done!, Merged into Peer to Peer)
and some others...

Tags to remember:

{{possiblemalwaresite}} - Malware Sites
{{parkinglot}} - Domain Parking Lots
{{nowebsite}} - Sites with no website
{{illegalsite}} - Illegal Sites