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Name: Christian Bullock
Location: Portland, OR
Contact Me: My talk page
Follow Me: 846ccd6cf422489a6efc5302b6c475af.png: @AmplifyXian
Articles I've Written:
Writing Good PPC Ads
Google AdWords Guide for Beginners and
Keyword Research Is Key to Online Success

My Work Life

I work in Portland, OR at a small online marketing company named Amplify Interactive. Our firm won an American Marketing Association MAX award in 2009 for its pay-per-click (PPC) services in the category of best single-medium advertising campaign.

I've been doing search engine marketing since 2006, and am a certified Google Advertising Professional, a Yahoo Search Marketing Ambassador and a Microsoft adCenter adExcellence member.

I manage paid search accounts, organically optimize websites and perform landing page experiments. I fiddle around with Google Analytics, write reports, and, oh, other things too.

My Personal Life

  • I like to bike, read, watch soccer and hockey, take public transportation and spend time with my wife and our three cats.
  • I've become increasingly annoyed how people act when riding Portland's bus or train systems. So I created a website where I write public transportation riding etiquette tips at TriMetiquette.
  • I've also created little websites here and there about various topics. One is used when I need to write PPC ad copy and want to know how many characters a line of ad text I've written is long enough (Character Counting), another is a little community based around a fairly niche PSP game ( Eye of Judgement Legends) and lastly a website that my family uses to post any family news or anything (Bullock Squawk).