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  • Name: Anjolee
  • Location: California
  • My Websites:


Welcome to Anjolee

Founded on September 13th 1977, Sunrise Jewelry Manufacturing Corporation (known as Anjolee on its website) has been the leader of jewelry manufacturing for the past 30 years, and is known for its uncompromising quality standards and excellent service.

Being the manufacturer, enables us to provide our customers unbeatable prices, exceptional quality, and the greatest selection of fine jewelry. Diamond Bracelets, Earrings, Rings, Engagement Rings, Wedding and Anniversary Rings, Pendants, Gemstone Jewelry, Men's Bracelets and more. Each jewelry item is offered in a large range of sizes, diamond carat weights, gold karats, yellow or white, or platinum, thus creating many price points for each product. These various combination's and our unique manufacturing process allow our customers to customize any product based on taste and budget.

Our high quality images throughout illustrate each jewelry item to its finest detail. All jewelry in our interactive website can be viewed in 360 degree angle, by clicking on the 360-Rotation links that are found throughout the site. This exciting new feature allows our customers to carefully examine each jewelry item, before making a purchase.

Keeping customer's satisfaction in mind, Anjolee upholds the highest standard of quality for each of our products, while maintaining competitive prices. Our goal is to make your internet shopping experience surpass shopping in a store. We guarantee the quality of our products will go beyond your expectations and take every step possible to ensure customer satisfaction from the point of sale to delivery. We value your comments and thoughts, and use your feedback to improve our service to you.

We strive for excellence and are committed to the highest quality standards in the industry.

Thank you for shopping at – The Art of Jewelry.

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