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Hi. Thank-you for taking time to learn a little about me.

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I am proud to be the founder and webmaster of the following site that might interest you and I look forward to your comments and thoughts. : is a resource for all who seek to translate concerns over the climate and compassion for humanity into real-time changes in their lifestyle. Presenting a comprehensive guide to a wide variety of green and ethical merchants, brings to all visitors everything from organic groceries, fairtrade goods, green building materials to ethical investments and much more.

Regularly updated news items and videos dealing with saving the planet and protecting humanity provides current information and interest whilst a vibrant green and ethical networking space powered by facebook allow all visitors to contribute and share.

Along with the hand selected merchants, the directory also presents global listings of Charities, NGOs & other websites that help visitors live green, ethically.

I am also a prolific networker so rather than list them all here, I invite you to check out this mashup of my latest posting

Thanks for reading and may your day be peaceful.