Updating Your Address And Contact Information


  • Simply log in, click the "edit" link, make your changes, and save them. If you require further help with this please contact us. One of the features of a wiki is that the historical information is retained. If you need the history removed for some reason, please email from an email address at the domain name in question and ask that we do so. We will be happy to take care of removing the history.

Public information

As a note, domain ownership contact information (Whois) is publicly available at a number of other sites.


In addition to this site, if you would like to prevent your information from showing up anywhere else, you may wish to contact your domain name registrar and purchase a privacy service which most of the majors domain name registrars have. That doesn't deal with historical information which may already be out there, but at least it deals with it on a go forward basis.

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