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About UNDP

UNDP.org is the official website for the United Nations Development Programme. This global network connects countries to 'knowledge, experience and resources', and so far, it has permeated into 166 countries across the world, working with governments, helping them develop and progress. In this era of globalization, where almost all benefits are reaped by the first world, UNDP strives to help the positives trickle down to poorer countries. It has specifically set itself 8 goals, called the Millenium Development Goals (MDGs), which are to be achieved by the year 2015.

The Millenium Development Goals (MDGs)

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To read about these, please see: About the MDGs: Basics

UNDP's Role

The UNDP seeks to not only campaign and mobilise broad segments of society to work to achieve these goals, it also directly offers help by recommending the best stratgies to combat evils like poverty, hunger, health and equality. This includes policy reforms, implementation and evaluation. It not only tracks their progress, but provides assistance to the concerned governments in achieving the goals as well as overcoming difficulties and constraints on the way.

What is the nature of this assistance?

i) Capacity Development

The process through which individuals, organisations and societies obtain, strengthen and maintain the capabilities to set and achieve their own development objectives over time.

Example: The Azerbaijan Case. Corruption was rampant in the educational sector of Azerbaijan. Colleges and universities were churning out incompetent and unethical graduates, save a few institutes. UNDP recognized these and set out to assist them towards developing programmes of international repute. Their students came to be measured by international standards, the institutes gained affiliations with Western universities and research wings and organizations were developed. Accomplished!

ii) Women's Empowerment

It is impossible to realize our goals while discriminating against half the human race. -- Kofi Annan 2006

Example: The Peruvian Case. The Matinga women in the Andes had been following a 5000 year old tradition of weaving. Their progress was always snubbed owing to lapses in communications, state presence and access to services. UNDP showcased their textiles, gradually softening men in terms of allowing their women to attend programme meetings et al. Today, owing to these efforts and positive responses from customers, the Matinga women have gained both confidence and autonomy, not to mention, played a massive role in the development of their small village.

iii) Human Rights

The justice sector programme of UNDP is concerned with the independence, impartiality and fairness of judges, legal literacy, legal aid, pro-poor laws and civic participation in legal and judicial reform.

Example: Aiming to encourage 15 to 20 year olds to perform their civic duties, the UNDP used short films to enthuse the Indonesian youth. They aired ten election-related short films and asked the young audience to vote for their favourite film of the lot. In addition, booths of political parties were set-up at the venue to educate and introduce the children to participate in the country's affairs in order to be better able to demand and receive their human rights.

iv) Human Development Reports and Statistics

To read these reports, please point your browsers to Human Development Reports

v) South-South Cooperation


vi) Evaluation

The evaluation function works to enhance the development effectiveness of UNDP to help men and women build a better life. It strengthens accountability and learning through evaluation and partnership.

To read the UNDP's evaluation reports on various programmes and efforts it has conducted, please see Evaluation

Track the MDGs' Progress

The MDG Monitor is designed as a tool for policymakers, development practitioners, journalists, students and others to:

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