Title - The Hottest Thugs and Gangstas straight from da hood


Check out this hotboy who says he the best of the best, thus the name Cartier. He has that baby face that drives the boys crazy. He loves to get down and dirty, and is not afraid to tell ya. His hobbies include hanging out and clubbin.

Comin at ya from the city of Brotherly Love, making a great combination. Tyrice with his young innocent boyish looks, full pink lips, slender body and an immense piece of 9.5" dick and Amir with his hard thug exterior, sexy lips and a thick black dick, one can only imagine what this session will be like. I know one thing for sure, I'll be right there to witness it.

The name Sayvion speaks for itself, but I'll gently describe this sensual but freaky native of Trinidad. He's a freak by nature that knows how to use his tongue as well as his 8.5" tool in all the right places. MMMMMM, AHHHHHHHH! is what you'll say when you feel his warm seductive touch. The wildest thing he has ever done was fuck a guy while the guy was fucking his girlfriend. sayvion is attracted to other masculine freaky type men, so if you fit the bill, then you know what to do.

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933 W Irving Park, Ste C
Chicago IL 60613 US

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