Swing Dancing

KristinaWeis - Swing dancing is one of my favorite hobbies and I am passionate about it.

Kevin & Carla Lindy Hop-ing to "Bei Mir Bist Du Schon"

What is Swing Dancing?

Swing Dancing is a broad style of partner social dancing that encompasses, but is not limited to... East Coast Swing, West Coast Swing, Lindy Hop, Charleston and Blues Dancing.

  1. {{{2}}} (visit) offers various dancing lessons in Greenville, SC
  2. {{{2}}} (visit) is the Charleston Lindy Exchange set for May 2010 in NC
  3. {{{2}}} (visit) is London swing dancing and events.
  4. {{{2}}} (visit) is an information portal about blues dancing
  5. {{{2}}} (visit) - Dance school in Collingswood, New Jersey
  6. {{{2}}} (visit) - classes in ballroom, swing, and tango style dancing in NYC
  7. {{{2}}} (visit) - Dance lessons from a Venezuelan instructor in Canada
  8. {{{2}}} (visit) offers different private and group dance learning courses
  9. {{{2}}} (visit) -Info and news from the Atlanta Swing Era Dance Association
  10. {{{2}}} (visit) offers country & western dance resources for Sedalia, Missouri
  11. {{{2}}} (visit) Offers live sierra music for special events and more.
  12. {{{2}}} (visit) is the Dublin (Ireland) Lindy Exchange, last happened Sep 09
  13. {{{2}}} (visit) is the only Swing Dance community in Vietnam
  14. {{{2}}} (visit) Downtown Seattle based dance club offers various classes
  15. {{{2}}} (visit) provides information on this dance group based in Chicago, IL
  16. {{{2}}} (visit) offers casual dance instruction in Melbourne, Australia.
  17. {{{2}}} (visit) operates a dance studio in White Rock, British Columbia
  18. {{{2}}} (visit) is a retailer of cowboy boots, hats, belts, clothing, etc
  19. {{{2}}} (visit) offers dance camps and courses for children in Park Ridge, NJ
  20. {{{2}}} (visit) offers listings for live music by local bands in Central Ohio
  21. {{{2}}} (visit) has information, news, and examples of Swing Music
  22. {{{2}}} (visit) is a professional dance school and strudio in New Hyde Park, NY
  23. {{{2}}} (visit) sells dance shoes online & in-store in Manhattan & Los Angeles
  24. {{{2}}} (visit) - New Jersey studio offering wedding, salsa and latin dances
  25. {{{2}}} (visit) is a portal for a dance school
  26. {{{2}}} (visit) is a CA and NY based seller of dance shoes
  27. {{{2}}} (visit) sells western wear, western apparel, western accessory & more
  28. {{{2}}} (visit) Atlanta Lindy (Hop) exchange.
  29. {{{2}}} (visit) is the International Dance Sport Federation's website.
  30. {{{2}}} (visit) is the Perth (Western Australia) Swing Dance Society's website.
  31. {{{2}}} (visit) Love of dance news.
  32. {{{2}}} (visit) Swing Out! Pasadena's website.
  33. {{{2}}} (visit) is a resource for swing dancing in Portland, Oregon.
  34. {{{2}}} (visit) is information about booking blues/swing dancer Brenda Russell.
  35. {{{2}}} (visit) is a site for Lindy Hop (swing dancing) exchanges and events.
  36. {{{2}}} (visit) is the Portland Blues & Jazz Dance Society's website.
  37. {{{2}}} (visit) is a Portland swing dancing event.

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