Blues Dancing

KristinaWeis - Blues dancing is my favorite dance style and I love seeing it grow in popularity.

What is Blues Dancing?

Blues dancing is a style of dance stemming from the jazz and blues music that it is traditionally danced to. It is one of the most "free" partner dances in that the dance has no formal steps or moves and each dancer has considerable opportunity to do what they wish with the music and their bodies. Blues dancing can be shallowly defined as an often closer, slower and more intimate counterpart to swing dancing. Blues dancing developed in North America at the turn of the 20th century and it has its influences from Africa, which can be seen in blues' posture which is more down and rooted to the ground than many other dance styles.

Below is a list of the top websites about blues dancing... including blues dancing venues, blues exchanges and sites dedicated to blues dancing. This list is somewhat Portland heavy because that's where I blues dance, but feel free to "add a site to this list" at the bottom left for any other city/country.

Great websites for and about blues dancing (in no particular order):

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