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About our manufacturers, Jobst and Mediven

Support Hose Store is proud to offer you support stockings by the leaders in the support hose industry, Jobst and Mediven. The Jobst and Medi brands set the standards for quality and are recognized by the medical industry worldwide.

Jobst is the #1 physician recommended support stockings. Jobst Gradient Compression support hose are stylish, light weight and effective. They are available in a wide range of sizes (up to 8 sizes depending on the style) and colors making Jobst -"The Fashionable Way to Stay in Circulation". Grandma's old, ugly support hose are no more. No one will guess you are wearing support hosiery.

Today, Jobst continues their commitment to provide you effective compression hose for the care and management of venous and lymphatic diseases. Jobst continues to offer new and exciting support stockings; in 2006 the company is offering new 15-20 mmHg Ultrasheer Knee-high, open toe stockings, the sheerest knee-high available. This stocking was developed because you, the consumer, demanded a sheer, knee-high, open toe stocking that does not look like a compression hose for wear with open-toe sandals. Most of the Jobst ready-to-wear medical hose are manufactured in the United States.

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