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Since 1996 has been a privately owned company dedicated to being the Internet's number one resource for mail order and online catalog shopping.

Years ago, back in 1994, The Artist’s Collar came into existence. It was an upscale catalog selling artistically designed men’s neckties. Along with its print catalog, The Artist’s Collar was one of the “very first” e-commerce websites built that sold product online. Our web address, at the time, was In 1996, The Artist’s Collar was sold to another company. But interestingly enough, an amazing idea was generated . . . a way for shoppers to use the Internet to find, shop and order the world's best and most unique catalogs...and thus, was born. was founded in 1996 in sunny Miami, Florida. For over 9 years now, Joan and Jackie, our web hosts, have been guiding shoppers and giving friendly advice. Our mission, at the time, was twofold. First . . . we wanted to provide you, our shoppers, with the best selections and most sought after Catalogs and give you a way to find and request specific catalogs that you want. Second . . . we wanted to give you a little something special – our exclusive Savings Certificates that can be used when ordering from many of our listed catalogs.

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