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F irst I would like to Thank you for coming to Strangers Connect, Now let me introduce my self, I am Ramon Perez and I created this website. Everything you see here was put together by me with only one vision, to make the program one of a kind, and make you money. I know many of you are probably asking your self if I ever ran an online money making program before and the answer is no. I have joined a couple my self and gotten disappointed because of the out comes, but that is not the reason I decided to make my own. I created Strangers Connect because I see their is a need in the community for what I want to accomplish. My goal is to make any future launches of programs raise the bar in all aspects, service, honesty, and professionalism. Their is to many programs that come and go in the online money making community, and this because the internet is filled with millions of people, so what I want to do is connect those millions of people here where we will all succeed with the team work. So the programs that are planning on scamming people or failed to plan things carefully will have to work a lot harder to gain your trust, and this is where they will fail. You do not have to worry about this site leaving any time soon, I have dedicated hundreds of hours to make this program and community the best one the online money making community will experience. I know this will not happen over night but I will keep working hard until it is, and after that I will keep working hard to maintain its success. I am new to running a program like this, but I am not new to working hard , and being successful for doing so. I would like you to take a look at the web site and community and join us in our money making goals, you will not regret it. This is not the only project I am developing, and I will soon make a corporate website for my projects. But Strangers Connect is where online money making programs will be launched from, my other projects are very different. I am here to stay,and I hope you are to.
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