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Since 1991, Systems Task Group International Ltd. (STG) has been providing enterprise wide solutions to the Insurance Industry, Financial Services segments such as Trade Finance, Collections Operations, Asset-Based-Lending Systems, and ERP solutions based on Oracle Applications. We employ more than 250 IT professionals and maintain development centers in New York City and Mumbai, India. Because we are entirely self-owned, we are not driven by the short-term revenue goals of investors. On the contrary, our leverage-free perspective affords us — and our customers — a long-term view for every engagement.

What We Do

Our business-process and IT services provide measurable benefit to our customers because we adhere to a simple business plan, based on firm commitments:

How We Do It

Because of our expertise in the industries we serve, we succeed by delivering effective business-process and IT solutions. Because we undertake every engagement in a spirit of partnership, our customers succeed by taking advantage of our understanding of their business dynamics. Because we empower our customers to concentrate on their core business concerns — while we resolve their process problems — our implementations succeed by appropriately allocating skill-sets, resources, and capabilities. Because of our commitment to customer satisfaction, we provide one point of contact and accountability throughout the course of every project.

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Systems Task Group International Limited
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