Orthodox Coptic Church in Alexandria, Egypt


Saint Takla Haymanot Coptic Orthodox Church - Alexandria, Egypt

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موقع كنيسة الأنبا تكلا هيمانوت الحبشي القس، الإبراهيمية، الإسكندرية، مصر


The idea for this site came to me many years ago (about 1997)!!! but it started to get its official look in the beginning of 2001, after showing what I had made over the years to the current priests of the church.. who have been very open-minded, and provided much information needed for the site..

Thank God, I've been using the Internet heavily these past few years.. and that gave me time to think more and to make this site as (collective) as it could get.. so that everybody finds what they want through it.. So from this site you could go to any other Coptic sites on the net, listen to hymns, masses and carols.. the ability to get hundreds of pictures on our Lord Jesus Christ, Virgin Mary, Saints.. etc... you could also read the whole text of the Holy Bible in many languages, there is also a kids' corner, Time Center, Arabic-English Dictionary, Arabic Keyboard, and a valuable part about Egypt, through the ages till now.. and a part about Alexandria.. downloads for Winamp skins, Coptic fonts, Christian computer icons, Christian programs, Spiritual Songs Lyrics, a part for Christian mobile tones, and even the ability to learn languages online like Arabic, English, French, Italian and Coptic... etc.

And I'd like to take this chance to give credits to everyone involved with this site in any way... Especially Father Takla William.. He is the first one to be thanked here; because of his great effort with me.. providing information.. and collecting what he didn't have.. and he reviewed this site many times.. Also he helps currently in replying to some E-mails..

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Michael Ghaly


35 Mohamed Foad Galal St., (formerly Bolbotine), Ibrahimia, Alexandria, Egypt



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