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About TeleVox

TeleVox Software, Inc. is a technology-centered company based in Mobile, AL. Since 1992, TeleVox has provided software communication applications to the healthcare industry and other commercial markets. Today, TeleVox has a worldwide presence in over 12,000 practices, clinics, hospitals, organizations and businesses. Our software solutions cover a broad range of messaging and communication applications, all designed to improve doctor-patient and business-customer communication. The scope of our technology encompasses:


TeleVox works directly with virtually every software management company in all industries to create custom imports for data transfer. As a result, TeleVox possesses custom bridges that enable a seamless interface between the TeleVox system and each practice or business computer system.


Since its inception, TeleVox has built a reputation for world-class customer support. From the time we process your order, TeleVox representatives work to facilitate the installation and implementation of your system. We cover every area critical to the success of the system - including on-site installation and training; technical integration; marketing; financing; dial-in modem support; extended-hours technical support; system upgrades and more.




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