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ServerCentral is a managed datacenter solutions provider specializing in bandwidth-intensive colocation applications. With datacenters strategically located worldwide, we serve a diverse roster of clients, including content delivery companies, webhosting and application service providers, hardware vendors and enterprise-level clients.

We focus on providing quality, personalized service to our clients, no matter the size. Whether hosting a dedicated server package, distributing gigabits of media, or overseeing a large-scale colocation operation, our clients know they can count on ServerCentral’s premier services to keep their operations running smoothly.

A privately held company headquartered in Chicago, ServerCentral has maintained financial independence since its inception in 2000. This freedom enables us to take a swift and flexible approach to product development and network deployment. For our customers, it translates into powerful solutions that meet their distinct needs.

Let ServerCentral help your company operate smarter. Contact a representative today to find out how.

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