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Shoryuken, roughly pronounced sho-rioo-ken, is the only completely invincible technique in the original Street Fighter games. Shoryuken the site is a place for fighting game fanatics to meet, exchange techniques, and discuss the games we love.

If you’re a gamer odds are you have some Street Fighter stories of your own, perhaps those years of pounding your friends with Chun Li on the SNES, or burning quarters trying to beat that asian kid at your local arcade or 7-11. What you may not know is that a lot of players never got over the itch, and have continued to play Street Fighter and its many incarnations for a decade and longer. Kids that where playing SF2 Champion Edition in middle school have grown up, graduated from highschool or college, and are still playing SF to this day, in some cases travelling all over the world for a shot at the gods of the game.

Is Street Fighter really this good? Yes, it is. In its true form, the arcade, Street Fighter is perhaps the most purely competitive video game ever made. It’s a visceral experience, standing a mere two inches from your opponent as your two characters fight it out in a very confined playing field. Winner stays, loser goes to the back of the line. It’s an addictive experience that is unique from the rewarding, yet remote satisfaction of a headshot delivered cross-country via the internet, and it’s what keeps Street Fighter die hards coming back for more.



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