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Based out of Portland, OR, Rumblefish provides a venue for musicians to connect with projects/people in need of music, and for companies to make steps towards branding themselves sonically.


Music Licensing - Connecting Artists and Businesses

Rumblefish streamlines the music licensing process by connecting artists with potential buyers of their music. Operating through, Rumblefish provides a simple and easy interface for buyers and artists to interact. By eliminating the notoriously long-winded paperwork involved in licensing, Rumblefish removes barriers that have interfered with artists connecting with their potential buyers. Deemed 'an iTunes for licensing' by Billboard Magazine, many believe this company to be at the forefront of the next evolution of the music business.

Their moniker:

"Businesses need good music. Artists need business."

Once artists post their material to the catalogue, Rumblefish presents it in an organized view for businesses and other potential buyers to sift through. Completing the licensing process is as simple as downloading a song from the iTunes store.

Sonic Branding - Developing Another Dimension of Your Brand

Branding has traditionally embraced a uniform visual presentation for a company. Increasingly, however, businesses are using music to brand their company with a particular style and kind of sound. As Rumblefish states on their home page:

Sound is the "universal language of emotion."

Rumblefish works with companies to develop a 'sonic identity' that complements and furthers the brand they've already developed, the idea being that this element communicates on a more fundamental level with a target audience. An otherwise rudimentary interaction can be transformed into something memorable, unique, and exciting for the consumer. This has an overall effect on your brand.

Sonic Branding Services

  • Sonic identity profiling
  • Sonic branding strategy
  • Holistic sonic experience design
  • Music and licensing audits
  • Music licensing strategy

Creative Programs and Tactics
  • Music microsites
  • Branded music products (CDs, vinyl, podcasts, etc.)
  • Sonic signatures (aka, audio logos)
  • Custom-curated, on-brand music catalogs
  • Environmental (“background”) music programs
  • Custom scoring and theme composition
  • Localized A&R programs


CNBC report on Rumblefish:



919 SW Taylor Street, Suite 300
Portland, Oregon 97205


TEL: 503.248.0706 or 800.293.9102
FAX: 503.248.0714

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