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RedSheriff is the world's largest interactive media and commerce business intelligence specialist, providing clients with business intelligence that allows them to make informed and reformed decisions in a constantly changing marketplace




96-98 Market St
South Melbourne, VIC 3205 AUSTRALIA


IMR Worldwide Pty Ltd
+61 3 9864 0777

Community Reviews

Red sheriff seems to stick to your computers without your knowledge or permission so that it can trace your journeys on the web.
The company appears respectable, but does not let the user know if it collecting bank details, confidential information or just what you look for on the web.
Even if reputable, it is poor business practice to construct a business model that less scrupulous agents could use to spy on your on-line activities.
As a protective device, you should try to block against any one accessing your information without your permission, and, in my opinion, Red Sheriff should notify "observees" that they are being observed and give a simple "click here to stop future observations" or better "click here to allow us to watch your web activity". This should be open and clear, and not hidden in the 5th page of a ten page eula. —The preceding unsigned comment was added by (talkcontribs) 00:29, 23 November 2007.
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