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CDS Associates - Web Analytics and Consulting Services for Small to Medium Sized Businesses


The founding partners of CDS Associates met at a large design-focused consulting company where they worked with Fortune 1000 clients including Compaq, McKinsey, Arthur D. Little, Coca-Cola, Knoll, American Express, Goldman Sachs, and Cushman & Wakefield. Fed up with a 'shoot from the hip' approach to consulting where decisions were grounded in opinion and political prowess they opted to start CDS Associates, where decisions are based in solid metrics and years of experience. Rather than including analytics as an afterthought, it is the foundation of any client engagement.

If you're looking for a boutique design shop, that’s not us. If you want a consulting company that can provide you with unique insight into your customers' behavior and help drive your business objectives – you're in the right place.

Joel has a deep-seated belief that a customer's interaction with a website should be an intuitive, effortless experience. They should be able to access products and services without learning a new vocabulary, a new structure, or a new process. Over the last several years, Joel has partnered with clients to develop such customer experiences. He has invested hundreds of hours observing customers using websites to identify issues and develop practical solutions.

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