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PARC is a prison abolitionist all volunteer grass roots group committed to exposing and challenging the institutionalized racism of the prison industrial complex. We are also committed to developing and practising anti-racism as individuals and throughout our organization. We produce a Support Directory that is free to prisoners on request. And, we provide support for prisoners and their families, as well as for educators and activists. This work includes building networks for action and producing materials that expose human rights violations while fundamentally challenging the rapid expansion of the prison industrial complex.

The Prison Activist Resource Center is an all-volunteer collective. All decisions are made collectively, at our monthly General Meetings. We also have two advisory boards, which are consulted for all major decisions. PARC is committed to anti-racist organizing both within our own organization and in the anti-prison movement as a whole.

Please note: We do not have the resources to answer specific questions for research papers and the like. Please look on the website for answers to your questions.

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