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The Post was started by Powelton Neighbors, a predecesor group to PVCA and has been the neighborhood newsletter for Powelton Village since 1960. The Post is really a remarkable publication that has sustained remarkablly high quality through the years. It operation is completely staffed byvolunteers from the neighborhood. We've decided not to put current issues of the newsletter on the web, but are beginning the process of scanning old issues for their historic interest and contribution in telling the story of Powelton.

FYI - The Powelton Post began publishing in April 1960 and the last issue was in April 1968. The New Post was resurrected in 1981, but I don't believe it published regularly until 1983. If you know that not to be true and have copies of the Post or other Newsletters from that period, I'd love to get hold of them --->

Plan for West Philadelphia - Presented by the Philadelphia City Planning Commission in 1994, the Plan for West Philadelphia is a guide for future growth and development; an essential information resource for communities and citizens that will be used by decision-makers involved in neighborhood revitalization and economic development.




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