Most of the lists you see in the various PortlandTech sub-category pages come from the intersection of two category tags (found at the bottom of WikiPages).

To add a WikiPage to an applicable list, we've setup templates to add the necessary category tags. To add your WikiPage to a relevant category/listing in PortlandTech, simply copy all the relevant tags (including the {{ and }}) onto the bottom of your WikiPage (while in "edit" mode):

  • {{subst:PortlandTechCompany}}
  • {{subst:PortlandTechSoftware}}
  • {{subst:PortlandTechHardware}}
  • {{subst:PortlandTechWeb2.0}}
  • {{subst:PortlandTechWebDesign}}
  • {{subst:PortlandTechSEO}}
  • {{subst:PortlandTechVentureCapital}}
  • {{subst:PortlandTechIncubator}}
  • {{subst:PortlandTechLawFirm}}
  • {{subst:PortlandTechOtherCompany}}
  • {{subst:PortlandTechMedia}}
  • {{subst:PortlandTechBlog}}
  • {{subst:PortlandTechForum}}
  • {{subst:PortlandTechWiki}}
  • {{subst:PortlandTechNewspaper}}
  • {{subst:PortlandTechOtherMedia}}
  • {{subst:PortlandTechGroup}}
  • {{subst:PortlandTechUserGroup}}
  • {{subst:PortlandTechCommunity}}
  • {{subst:PortlandTechOrganization}}

Naturally, where appropriate, please tag PortlandTech pages with multiple categories to make sure the WikiPage is on all appropriate lists.

How this works

For the purposes of most the PortlandTech lists, the behind-the-scenes coding has been done. If you'd like to add "intersects" for other lists, the syntax is simple:

<intersect>Category 1, Category 2</intersect>

This then generates a list of pages that have both categories on them.


The "intersect" tool is in its infancy. Sometimes it takes awhile for WikiPages to show up on the list after the category tags have been places on them. Please be patient, you can also try clearing your browser's cache.

There are also some known bugs in the intersect tool and changes in how the list is formatted are still being tweaked. If you have problems with using the "intersect tool" be sure to place a note in the ErrorLog and let us know the pages and intersections you were trying to make.

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