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General Information

Piemerica is virtually a pop-culture unto itself created almost entirely by its founder Emperor MAR.

Site Content

Piemerica.org is mostly comprised of comedy. The comedy style of Piemerica is wordplay, odd, innovative, stream of consciousness, parody, informative, visual, satire, zany, and switcheroo.

Personal Info.
Piemerica.org contains information about Emperor MAR and his friends/fellow Piemericans and those once affiliated with Piemerica including history, stories, and a large photo gallery portion spanning Emperor MAR's entire life.

Piemerica.org contains information and multimedia concerning artists on the Piemerican Records record label as well as a Radiohead fan site, I'm Tired. Sleep Tonight.

Poetry & Lyrics
Piemerica.org's Lyrics & Poems section is a large part of the site featuring over 900 Song Lyrics/Poems dating back to 1998. These text only songs range through a variety of themes: personal, stream of consciousness, man vs. destructive desires, romantic love, wordplay, redemption, praise, other Christian themes, depression, layers of meaning, society, story telling, & also comedy/parody.


The term House, instead of Home, is used on the pages of the primary site.
The term Screen Door is used to navigate to the entrance page.
Likewise the term Regular Door is used to navigate to the index/contents page.

Fun Fact: Hovering over links on the contents page of Piemerica.org gives brief descriptions of them.


Piemerica has coined many terms and phrases. All are found on the Piemerican Lingo Page. Some of these have been accepted into Urban Dictionary.

Piemerican Magazine

Piemerican Magazine is a comedy magazine written and designed entirely by Emperor MAR. Piemerican Magazine is designed with original graphics, public domain stock images, and previously with clip art. There have been 4 full issues since Dec 2002, the most recent being released Feb 2009. The first two issues were sold to personal contacts. All issues are available as Hi-Res PDFs on Scribd.com
Piemerican Magazine Web Site on Piemerica.org
Piemerican Magazine on Scribd

I have drank many books and magazines in my life, but none as fine as your Piemerica Magazine. Did I mention that you are the heppest cats in the world, Daddio? ~Jeremy Sexton (Shirtman)

Other Publications
Piemerican Elementary Knewsletter
From November 2006 to January 2007 Piemerica produced the Piemerican Elementary Knewsletter monthly featuring original comedic news and advertisements.
Piemerica Christmas Catalog
Comedic Christmas Catalogs featuring fake and real products released in 2006-2008

Piemerican Records

Piemerican Records is a home grown record label distributed through personal contacts and the Internet. Piemerican Records produced a total of 97 releases, 13 music videos, two comedy CDs, & a compilation of non-Piemerican Records Artists.
Piemerican Records Web Site on Piemerica.org

Current Artists
MARS which has produced 61 releases.
Camelopardalis Eight official releases. Previously recorded under the names Dawn Chorus & khyber.pass

Previous Artists
A now disbanded 3-piece band released several discs under these various names on Piemerican Records between Oct 2002-July 2005
Rose Garden Dream Two official releases.
NEW Three official releases of the album Piemerican Disc (Unmastered, Mastered, Bonus Tracks Edition)
Tripple Seven Two official releases.

Unique Instrumentation
Joenan (Corey Spicer) innovated two guitar playing techniques.
• Microphone- Playing guitar with a microphone to create a strum and drum sound
• Light Bulb- Playing guitar with a light bulb to create a sci-fi style sound. The MARS track The tone of the light has changed, from the 2008 EP Portage Kaleidoscope of Crackled Arbitraries features Emperor MAR playing guitar with a coated night light bulb.

In addition to his electronic repertoire, Emperor MAR has also recorded songs with balloons, beans, a rubber stamp, AM Radio, Car, Mobile Phone Car Charger, Karaoke Machine, and even termites.

The darkened Reality of Real-Estate Soundtrack to a comic series.
Piemerican Games Soundtrack Compilation of original music from Piemerican Games
Music from the AudiOcular Manifestation Boo! Bub? Boo. Bluh? Volume 1, Volume 2- The Sounds of Christmas Eve

AudiOcular Entertainment

AudiOcular is Piemerica's term for a audio/video (basically video produced for the internet.)
Piemerica's Dailymotion Channel Contains all videos released by Piemerica up until 2009.
Emperor MAR's YouTube
Piemerica YouTube
Piemerica on Blip.tv


Boo! Bub? Boo. Bluh?
Boo! Bub? Boo. Bluh? is a full length sketch comedy show which has had 3 episodes produced.

Boo! Bub? Boo. Bluh? Web Site on Piemerica.org
Watch Boo! Bub? Boo. Bluh?
Watch Boo! Bub? Boo. Bluh? Christmas Eve Special
Watch Boo! Bub? Boo. Bluh? Episode 3 Food Dood
Episode 1 Commercial Pack (6 in one video)

Bluh? is a shorter version of the show
Watch Bluh? - Outtakes from Boo! Bub? Boo. Bluh? Features outtakes from the first two episodes introduced by Tiny Joe.
Watch Bluh? Snow Day Special A 20 minute special made & released on the same day as shameless pandering to the relevance of record snowfall in Memphis, TN.


Comedy RPG
(The Joe)'s Piemerican Book Drinkathon
(The Joe)'s First Book Drinking Fantasy Epic game considered Piemerica's best
The Golden Log

Greedy Ghost Original Float and Collect Gameplay
Piemerican MARio Brothers Hack of Super Mario World
Pie Fun Varied Gameplay

MARS released Piemerican Games Soundtrack Sept. 5, 2004 with original music from these games and more.


The Essentialness of Essentiality (The Air Is Thick In Here) Completed January 24, 2002; Published August 3, 2006
Lesson Mania! Published October 28, 2006
This is a book containing all of Piemerica's popular Comedic Lessons up to the time of its release.
Equal Non-Equal Neutral Published January 25, 2009
A meandering non-sense amalgam of words.
(The Joe)'s Autobiography Unfinished, Currently over 90 pages written
Bo Bo the Blinking Bongo A short & strange children's book.


Some of Piemerica's greatest popularity has come from various dances it created or innovated.
Piemerican Dances Video Gallery

Book Drinking

Book Drinking is a Piemerican invention whereby one physically drinks a book.
Book Drinking Central Tells you the how, what, and when for all things involving Drinking Books.

Martial Arts

Piemerica has even created its own forms of martial arts.
Tae Kwon Dumb -A style used to fight the battle within one's self as most moves involve injuring one's self.
Kung Food -An extreme eating lifestyle revolving around defending one's self with or from food.


Piemerica has concepted many fake sports (as seen in Piemerican Magazine #3's Joelympics Guide) there are two in which have actually been played.
Industrial Baseball -Created by (The Joe) and }the Joemeister{ around 2001, one game of Industrial Baseball has been played. The bat was substituted with a 15 foot metal tent pole and the ball was substituted with a cinder block with approx. 110ft between bases.
Industrial Football -Similar to Industrial Baseball by creators and concept, Industrial Football had the ball replaced with a cinder block making for a fear filled game in which no one wanted to catch it.


Skillet Hat
A hat 'invented' and worn on three separate occasions in very public places by Emperor MAR/(The Joe). The most famous idea by Emperor MAR as he has been identified by people he's never met just because he wore the hat.
Skillet Hat Page

Tree Style
A style inadvertently invented by Emperor MAR which entails being large, wearing a green shirt & wearing khaki pants. The tree style can also be accompanied by darker brown boots to create the illusion of dirt. The tree style has several times been taken beyond green when over the course of five days different color shirts are worn to represent trees over the course of the seasons. Green-Spring, Alternate Green-Summer, Orange-Autumn, Blue-Winter (to represent when one looks up at a tree and it have no leaves one only sees the sky), White-Winter (to represent snow on the tree's branches)
Example 1
Example 2

Multiple Wrist Watches
Emperor MAR has been known for wearing at least one watch on each wrist and upto five in public. Emperor MAR ditched his multiple watch wearing lifestyle after spraining his wrist & the proliferation of mobile phones.
Reasons Emperor MAR & (The Joe) have Worn Multiple Watches
History of Emperor MAR's Watches Gallery
The Watcher Gallery of Emperor MAR wearing 7 watches at once.

Caveman Style
Emperor MAR's longtime look of uncut/untrimmed hair and beard.

The Legend Pose- (The Joe) Legend's Official Pose
Bottom arm presents top arm which dramatically presents upwards.
The Ayee Frame- Emperor MAR's Official Pose
Forearms are crossed and thumbs are used to create an alignment frame for the face.
Poses Gallery

Watch Necklace
Stringing two watches together to create a necklace.

Reverse Mullet
Just as the mullet has the tag line of "Business in the front, party in the back." Piemerica's reverse mullet has this tag line, "When I walk into the room, the party gets started. When I leave everything is back to business."

Preventive Comb Over
Wearing a comb over on your forehead as to possibly prevent baldness.
Example on Right

Visual Art

Enriched Life

Piemerica has three primary types of visual art.

Hand Drawn Art
Consisting of comic like drawings with heavy utilization of words.
Equal Non-Equal Neutral Artbook
Freezer Freezer Problem Artbook
Comics Many comics are done in an unorthodox style.
Jibber Jabber Pages Misc. hand drawn art pieces.
Renderings Drawings/Images of Emperor MAR from various sources.
Artwork by Joenan (a Piemerican)

What the Eat II

Digital Art
Often abstruse images of shapes and colors with out a particular form. Most often used in Piemerican Records releases.
Unfinished Secret Artwork Section
MARS Artwork
Piemerica Logos
Various Piemerican Records Artwork


Photos and Manipulated Photos
Manipulated photos are mainly used in Piemerican Records releases.
Photo Galleries
Album Cover Art
Misc. MARS Affected Photos


Before the name Piemerica came into play Emperor MAR had already produced a numerous amount of hand drawn comics. Here they are listed along with Piemerica era comics.

Cats Sept. 26, 1995-July 27, 1999
Blood Battles 1996-April 1998
Yule Nov. 29, 1997-May 28, 1998
Pie Comics Feb. 24, 1998-June 1998
Boo! Bub? Boo. Bluh? 1999-March 3, 2003
The darkened Reality of Real-Estate Sept. 20, 2001-May 16, 2002

Single Issue
M Comics 1 Shot Returns: The Falling Sept. 1997
The Amazing E.T. vs. Cyclops 1 Shot Fight Oct. 1997
A Christmas Cookie Dec. 1997

The darkened Reality of Real-Estate on Mar. 31, 2004 had a soundtrack released for it by MARS.

Piemerica.org also has a number of miscellaneous short comics.
Wiscers Comics on Scribd


From members of the Ateaseweb.com Message Board

"you disturb me. honestly, piemerica is one of the most unsettling things i've ever seen." ~politika (Jul 31, 2003)

" Piemerica. ... that site disturbed me........ i just found it sad and unsettling that someone would devote so much of their time to a website filled with non-sensical things like 'drinking books' etc. that seemed to be one, long, deluded personal joke. .......i found it so utterly bizarre that i looked through good portions of the site trying to cull some meaning out of it. that failed. " ~politika (Dec 2003)

"no. no no no. piemerica was never ever cool or anything good at all." ~Rez

"i remember back in the day when someone went on a rant about how much that site made their head hurt, that someone would spend so much time coming up with something so utterly complex yet meaningless, that it had to be the work of someone with some mental affliction.

they were right" ~zambaretzu, referencing politika's quote above (Aug 20 2005)

Other Reviews

"Piemerica-Incorperated-Eternally This site has it all. Mostly weird but also funny: Stories, Scripts, Poems, Speeches, Songs, Lessons etc.. They have came up with great things such as Drinking Books, Milking Logs, Vasing Harvesters & more!!! The best part is that this site is Painstakingly Updated Everyday!" ~TheWeirdCrap.com (Nov 2004)

"This is the greatest site in the world, daddio!! I mean, how could you pull off such a huge feat without southern China exploding into fumiferous piles of mountain?!" ~Egg/Muzzz (May 8, 2003)

"I went to the lyrics & poems section first. Those are some really awesome poems. They just completely made sense and I loved them, ur awesome" ~chicksluvguys7 (April 1, 2005)

"yorn site is fabulous and awful" ~Laslo PanafleX, Co-founder of Piemerica (July 18, 2004)

"yorn site is fabulon." ~Laslo PanafleX (August 10, 2004)

"your site is so ubiquitous with shame distribution it is like the man, exxon valdez, only with pie and not petrol" ~Laslo PanafleX (March 22, 2005)

"the piemerica thing. it's making my head wobble looking at it trying to figure it out..." ~Dianne, Webmaster of Teitur.com (October 16, 2005)

"I am a huge fan of your jibberjabber! Your website is great! Thanks for making it." ~spaceami on MySpace (November 19, 2005)

"you are hilarious!!!---after all these years and your piemerica stuff you actually have it online!! good job!" ~Erika (December 12, 2007)

"interesting website and you're weird (i like it, it makes you interesting)" -Jim Jane (July 22, 2009)

"Wow this is a pretty good site! Nice collection and stories man, good job!" -PK Archer (July 23, 2009)

"Worth every moment of your free time." ~Drew Waits (July 15, 2007)


Piemerica.org is currently updated at least once a month.
In January 2003 Piemerica implemented Daily Updates which for the first couple of months was updated everyday with something new and original specifically written for the updates. Piemerica, having a tremendous back catalog of material, was updated frequently for years with previously created material as well as new.
From February 15,2004 to April 5, 2005 for 415 consecutive days Piemerica's Website was updated. When the streak knowingly ended 19 days worth of "Update Prescriptions" were posted to supplement for time offline. Whenever Piemerica would go without updates for a considerable period of time there would be a large come-back style return date with large and multiple updates.
Updates Archive
Update Stats and Streaks

Site Guide

Piemerica.org being such a unique and original site can sometimes make it a place confusing to navigate. So here are some descriptions of the more confusing links.
What The Eat?- The page that introduces the site & tells a little about it, it is the 2nd page the site ever had.
Piemerican Knews- Comedic knews stories about the sometimes fictional nation of Piemerica.
Lessons- Lessons are comedic informative statements.
Enornal Fornitudes- A collection of original phrases, quotes, & favorites.
Advice Oven- An advice column by Emperor MAR
Renderings- Drawings & art depicting Emperor MAR.
Equal Non-Equal Neutral- An epic ablum/lyrical song and its related artwork considered to be the strangest thing in all of Piemerica. The Journey contains a secret page that will crash a Sega Dreamcast browser.
Boo! Bub? Boo. Bluh?- A sketch comedy show & the primary comic & character driven device of Piemerica from 1999-2003. Contains comics and the script/comic adaptation to its unfinished movie.
Jibber Jabber- Miscellaneous words and clippings, the creative dump of the site.
Banana Towels- Miscellaneous link section for items which fit in categories to small or no categories at all.
'ot 6 Review- Collection of scripts where Emperor MAR and (The Joe) talk about the year 1906.

Site Location History

Piemerica's main site has been hosted by various companies with various URLs over the years.
Here is a list of the hosting companies:
Angelfire 2/1/02-9/1/03 (19 months)
Web1000 9/2/03-2/29/04 (6 months)
1&1 Internet 3/1/04-12/4/05 (21 months)
• Offline 12/5/05-6/9/06 (old Angelfire site still existed) (6 months)
Freehostia 6/10/06-6/9/08 (2 years)
110mb 6/10/08-Summer 2011 (3 years)
x10Hosting 9/1/11-7/5/12 (10 months)
bytehost 7/7/12-??? (Site infected)
x10Hosting 1/24/13-Present


Piemerica has had several mottos over the years, here are the most significant.

Enjoy your freedom while you still can.
We don't own you yet or so it would seem..
Solicitors welcome or so it would seem..

Comedy or Coma?
The one site that makes boredom look interesting.
Piemerica: Truly indie because only one person cares.
No one is interesting enough to be interested.
Innovation is beyond Imagination.
Piemerica.org: Open 24 hours a day!


Site: February 1, 2002-Present
Creative Content: September 26, 1995-Present
Photos: September 1, 1985-Present

Piemerica is created & maintained by Emperor Michael Aaron Reyes. All of the material on the site is written by Emperor MAR or (The Joe) Legend (unless otherwise noted or quoted).
Emperor MAR uses the Firefox web browser while designing the site, so this is probably the best way to view the site. Some page trasition effects viewable only with Internet Explorer.

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Community Reviews

Great site! Well-informed and well-assembled. Keep up the fantastic work!

neat logo, really clever...great page.

  • Posted by Kasey 10:44, 24 May 2007 (PDT)

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Featured Text -- AboutUs WikiPages are interesting beasts, especially the ones describing DomainPages -- pages about the various websites on the internet. While each DomainPage contains similar information, every great DomainPage takes on their own personality, due not just to the content it's describing, but also the styles and personalities of the authors working on the page. Take, for example, recent featured WikiPages for Presidential Candidates Ron Paul and Bill Richardson. The Richardson WikiPage is a very formal recantation of his qualifications, biography and voting history, while the Ron Paul WikiPage is playful look at the candidate, written by his supporters but filled with videos, fun links and the like. Another great example of well-rounded but unique WikiPage is today's featured page, Piemerica.org. It is well organized, includes a bunch of information and tries hard to encapsulate the personality of the website it's describing (in this case mildly irreverent) -- and manages this deftly. Which isn't overly surprising because the website for Piemerica.org is itself a conglomeration of a bunch of different oddly amusing thoughts, comedy bits, poetry, music lyrics, comics, stories, multimedia and more, woven into one creature.