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Dr. Braverman is one of the foremost experts in Integrative Medicine-the combination of Conventional, Alternative and Holistic therapies recognized as the paradigm for the 21st Century. He views every patient as a whole, with recognition of the brain's global impact on illness and health.

In addition to private practice at PATH Medical, Dr. Braverman maintains Directorship of The PATH Foundation, a nonprofit research organization established to collect and analyze information concerning the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of all aspects of brain biochemical disorders, with specific focus on the impact of brain illness on overall health. PATH Foundation projects, conducted with affiliated associates, have yielded revolutionary research documenting that brain disease or genetic weaknesses significantly contribute to psychiatric disorders. The PATH Foundation also has been intensely involved in the development of both clinic-use and at-home therapies dedicated to improving the health of the brain.

Dr. Braverman has conducted research with renowned scientists in the field of brain research including Rodolfo Llinas, M.D., Ph.D., who developed an in vitro brain model, Ernest Noble, M.D., Ph.D. and Kenneth Blum, PhD who made breakthroughs in the genetics of alcoholism research and the electrophysiology of addictive behavior, as well as Nora Volkow, M.D. who was recently appointed head the National Institute of Drug Abuse.

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Initial visit may involve head to toe examination to determine the patient's need.

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