About is a not-for-profit organization created to connect people to open standards and the bodies that build and foster their growth, integrating the various resources within the IT industry committed to increasing the synergy of international IT collaboration.

Openness should be defined by how limitless our abilities are to improve and grow rather than how closed we can be. Growth without boundaries is the premise upon which seeks to fill countless gaps while helping to shed light on a better future for IT. does not seek to reinvent the wheel, or replace any of the entities currently committed to open standards. Rather, it seeks to bind them and their stakeholders together, creating synergy and increasing the value of their efforts. The truth is, everyone with an interest in open standards will benefit, not the least of which are organizations that have been and continue to work hard for the cause. There are more than enough unfulfilled needs for to fill, including the need to increase awareness of the many efforts other organizations are working hard to achieve.

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