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Nylonmanden - Stopper aldrig, med at stille spørgsmål! Nylonmanden - Husk søg efter svar og det vil komme, men stil lige de rigtige spørgsmål!, Lovforslag L124, der i dag Fredag d. 13. marts 2009 er til behandling. De skriver det omhandler telefonaflytning. Hvilket det også gør, det er bare ikke det vigtigeste i lovforslaget. folketinget.dk og ft.dk L124 Dette lovforslag sidestiller psykisk sygdom med terrorisme, denne udvidelse er selvfølgelig ikke kun sket i Danmark, i den selv samme uge, er det sket i mange lande verden over. Sikke en tilfældighed!!, The End Of Money. By Philip Jones 12th March 2009. "Nobody might be able to buy or sell except a person having the mark, the name of the wild beast or the number of its name. Here is where wisdom comes in: Let the one that has intelligence calculate the number of the wild beast, for it is a man's number; and its number is six hundred and sixty-six."—.Revelation 13:17,18, Mange går rundt, selv videnskabsmænd, og tror at alle de videnskablige data er oprigtige og forfalskninger sjælendt sker. Ingen tror der findes politiske og andre ukendte agendaer bag de mange "opdagelser". Her er en video med Arpad Pusztai, der anses for at være den leden forsker inden for plante lektiner, han har skrevet over 270 videnskablige dokumenter og 3 bøger om emnet., Their World Is In Your Head. By Philip Jones 31.3.2009 A friend of mine, another expatriated `Brit` here in Denmark, whose fortunes have paralleled my own these past years, called me recently for one of our regular `in depth` discussions. He is like myself a keen social observer and a rather harsh critic of Danish society. He mentioned that an acquaintance of his had begun to berate him summarily for being too `negative` and thereby attracting to himself the very things he was `complaining about`, namely, the xenophobic treatment he is subjected to daily by the natives, which he believes with some justification, to be due to his Jamaican decent. She had read a book entitled, `The Secret` and her attitude towards him had begun to change as she progressed through it's pages. I hadn't heard of the book, and inquired as to what it was all about., The Global Coup d'Etat. By Philip Jones 8th April 2009. The term "New World Order" refers to the advent of a Totalitarian World Government. The current push towards achieving this nirvana has at it's core, a powerful and secretive group known as the Illuminati, which has been conspiring to take control of the the world for millennia. They aim to do this by the introduction of an autonomous Global State, which would supersede and replace the sovereign nations of the world. Most if not all significant occurrences in politics and international business are manipulated, orchestrated and designed by this extremely influential cabal operating through many front organisations, such as the Bilderberg Group, The Club Of Rome, The Royal Institute For International Affairs and a plethora of others, all of which connect at the very top of the Illuminati's symbolic pyramid., Taking Liberties by Philip Jones 14th April 2009 How to catch wild pigs. You start by putting out food for them in the same spot every day. In a few weeks you put up one side of a fence. After they get used to eating next to the fence you put up a second, then a third. Finally you put up the last side with a gate. Eventually, without even realizing it, the pigs have become fenced in and dependent on you for their food and protection., A Rainbow Warrior Shows His True Colours. By Philip Jones 19th April 2009 In a recent article in the London Daily Mail, Jonathon Porritt, the British Government’s ‘Green’ adviser, was reported as having said that couples who have more than two children were being ‘irresponsible’ by creating an intolerable burden on the environment. Mr Porritt's short statement underlines the `Greens` deep seated phobia of the human race, and shows that Britain's top environmental `Tsar` turns out to be not so much a friend of the earth as an enemy of humanity., As You Sow, So Shall You Reap. by Philip Jones 28th April 2009. “Even as I have seen, they that plow iniquity, and sow wickedness, reap the same”. Job 4 KJV. In the UK recently, a headline story told of a 13-year-old boy named `Alfie` who fathered a child with `Chantelle`, a 15-year old girl of a reportedly promiscuous nature? It is indeed a sad indictment on British Society that there was no great public outcry, no outraged calls that `something must be done`, no questions raised in Parliament. In fact, the two juveniles were treated in some quarters like mini-celebrities, and let us be clear about this, Alfie and Chantelle are in no way isolated cases in today's Britain., As You Sow, So Shall You Reap. Part Two. Philip Jones 1st May 2009. Empty Hearts, Infertility And Loneliness: The Price We Pay For Licentiousness. It is a modern article of faith that sexual freedom spells greater happiness. Repression is bad for your health. Modesty is for dinosaurs. Anyone who dares suggest a downside to sexual incontinence is more or less accused of wanting to introduce Taliban-style morals police into the bedrooms of Britain., As You Sow, So Shall You Reap. Part Three Philip Jones 1st May 2009 After writing my article `As You Sow, So Shall You Reap` posted earlier this week on 29th April, it seems as if everywhere I turn, highly concerning reports of how the British government is actively and deliberately sexualising and corrupting the nation's children, are simply falling into my proverbial lap.

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